Trip Logistics

Once meeting at the Park and Ride, Attendees will then follow the guide to the mining area. If you are 10 minutes late the party will leave without you, please be on time. If you are going to be late please contact the guide with as much advance notice as possible. Bringing a packed lunch and fluids is recommended because once the trip begins, the guide and attendee’s can not leave the mining area and return. Once you leave the mining area you will not be allowed to return unless special arrangements have been made. Plan on staying a full day unless you would like to leave early which is ok but you won’t be able to return once you exit the location. 

Helpful items to have on the trips:

-Gardening hand tools
-Sifting screen
-Small shovel
-Packed lunch
-4 wheel drive vehicle with good ground clearance
-Flathead Screwdriver
-Safety Glasses
-Cell phone
-Tick Remover
-Bug Spray
-Any personal, medical, or safety items you’ll need, if any, for yourself and anyone in the group with special conditions.

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime!
Come Join us for a Day of Exclusive Mining at one of Maine Most Promising Localities!
Our Goal is to Provide a 5 star Experience at a price that is both affordable and competitive!
By offering a flat rate we are able to offer our attendees a variety of options!

For example, if one person wants to book the entire quarry for the day they can do that by paying the full flat rate or if 12 people would like to go all together and book the quarry, that’s possible too! By providing a flat rate for a max 12 people that makes the cost right around $40 per person which is much lower than some of the other trips offered in New England.

We can customize the trips around the specific dates you would like to attend. Please contact us directly to schedule your custom date.
The more people that attend, up to 12, the less expensive the trip becomes!
Slots are filling up extremely fast so please don’t hesitate to sign up as soon as possible!


1. Stay out of the active mine area.
2. Stay out of the water
3. Must sign waver before entering property
3. Must provide pictures of significant finds
4. Don't wander in the woods, we don't need lost people
5. Do not leave children under 13 unattended
6. Stay off other people's private property.
7. Ask before posting videos to social media
8. Must report any injuries to the guide
9. Must listen the guide at all times
10. After trip has ended, no reentry is allowed without signed permission from the mine owners
11. Must leave when the trip is over
12. Pick up all garbage, you bring it in, you bring it out

Here is a list of minerals that can be found at the mine.

 Quartz Smoky Quartz
 Pyrite White Quartz
 Clear Quartz Optical Quartz
 Muscovite Biotite
 Feldspar Albite
 Microcline Beryl
 Heliodore Aquamarine
 Green Beryl Columbite
 Cassiterite Fluorapatite
 Almondine Garnet Zircon